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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area


Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Air Duct Cleaning in Killeen, TX

A full-service HVAC contractor does more than see that a home’s air conditioner runs in summer and the heater in winter. HVAC technicians also take care of the ventilation system that distributes air around the house to create balanced temperatures and healthy conditions. At Alltek Services, we’re dedicated to helping customers enjoy top performance from their ventilation systems through regular duct cleaning.

When duct cleaning is something you need to schedule for your house in Killeen, TX, or something you think you may need to schedule but aren’t certain about, call us. We provide full professional duct cleaning that goes beyond what any amateur can promise. We do the best job possible, no matter what it is, because we treat our customers like family.

Call today to arrange for duct cleaning services in the Greater Central Texas Area.

Why Duct Cleaning Is a Necessary Job

You cannot see most of the ductwork in the ventilation system because your house was built to disguise most it. This means it’s not easy to know when the ducts are clogged with a build-up of dust, lint, dander, and other debris. But this hidden build-up is a serious threat to your comfort, indoor air quality, and HVAC energy efficiency.

Even a thin layer of dust in ductwork—which can only take a year to form—places resistance on airflow. This puts greater pressure on the blower fan of the HVAC system and leads to energy waste. As the dirt and dust layer increases, the problem worsens and begins to threaten the AC and heater with damage from higher stress. The reservoir of dust and other debris also circulates through the house, lowering indoor air quality and creating troubles for allergy and asthma sufferers.

When to Schedule Duct Cleaning Services

We recommend homes have professional duct cleaning every five years (and occasionally sooner). This is more than enough time for the build-up in the ducts to create serious trouble for the entire HVAC system and the house. We also advise watching for signs that it’s time to arrange for duct cleaning services as soon as possible:

  • Heating and cooling bills are rising without explanation.
  • The room vents are dusty and covered with strands of lint.
  • Air from the vents smells moldy and musty.
  • Allergies and asthma in the house are worse than normal.

You can make a quick check if you think you have clogged ducts: open a vent register, reach inside with a digital camera, and snap a picture. If you see an image resembling a clogged car air filter, it’s time for duct cleaning.

Professionals Duct Cleaning in Killeen, TX

You cannot do duct cleaning by sticking a vacuum hose down a vent opening. You also cannot trust non-professionals offering suspiciously low prices to do the job either. Our technicians use the best technology to provide full duct cleaning services that will leave the ventilation system in "like new" condition, making it harder for dust to come back. You’ll soon see the positive results of a professionally done job.

If you have any questions about your ductwork, call Alltek Services and we’ll give you honest answers. We’re a family-owned company serving Killeen, TX, and we make it our goal to treat customers like family as well.