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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area


Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

24-Hour Emergency Services


Our Maintenance Program

Annual preventative maintenance is key to ensuring the long and successful service life of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from the advantages of joining an HVAC maintenance program like ours.

Our Comfort Care Program was designed with you, our customer, in mind. Our goal is to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your heating and cooling systems. By offering the best maintenance program benefits in Killeen, TX, we can guarantee you’ll be glad you signed up!

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up

  • Spring Air Conditioner Inspection
  • Fall Heating Inspection
  • Repair Warranty
  • Service Reminder
  • Standard Air Filter Replacement Per Visit
  • 6 Month Supply of Standard Air Filters
  • Pre-Season Scheduling
  • Priority Scheduling for Repair
  • Complete System Replacement Reward Points
  • Trip Fee
  • Diagnostics Fee
  • Free After-Hours Emergency Diagnostics
  • 24-Hour Emergency Diagnostics at Standard Pricing
  • Flat Rate Repair Discounts
  • Annual Capacitor Replacement

You have the choice of signing up for our VIP Silver, VIP Gold, or VIP Platinum Comfort Care Program, so no matter your needs, we can find the program best fit for you.

Contact our team today to learn more about our Comfort Care Program. Trust our pros—you won’t regret it!