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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area


Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Heat Pumps in Killeen, TX

For comprehensive heat pump services in Killeen, TX and throughout the Greater Central Texas Area, always look to Alltek Services. We are a family-owned company that extends our family to all our customers. You can trust that we’ll treat you like family when you call for a job like heat pump installation, heat pump repair, heat pump maintenance, or heat pump replacement.

As with all our HVAC services, we back up parts and labor with a 100% guarantee. We only use the best products, and we have partnerships with the finest manufacturers of heat pumps, such as Goodman and Daikin. No matter if you’re looking to find out if a heat pump is the right choice for your new HVAC installation or your older heat pump needs to be fixed, we’re here to get the job done right.

For heat pump installation and more, call the Greater Central Texas Area comfort pros!

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

If heat pumps are on your radar for an HVAC installation, you probably already know several of the major benefits of a heat pump installation:

  • Dual function: Heat pumps are both the air conditioning and the heating system for homes. If you’re looking to upgrade both your heating and cooling, a heat pump is an excellent choice.
  • Lower cost heating: Heat pumps are terrific cooling systems. But where they can make a big difference is their heating. If you change from an electric furnace to a heat pump, you’ll see a drop in the costs to heat your home during the winter—because heat pumps only consume electricity to move heat, not to generate it. 
  • Safety: If you have no interest in using natural gas in your home, a heat pump is one of the safest heating methods around. Not only do heat pumps not use natural gas or propane, their cabinets don’t even get hot when they’re in heating mode. 

Heat Pump Repair

Do you have a heat pump that isn’t doing the job, such as refusing to switch from one mode to another? Heat pumps can suffer from most of the same malfunctions as air conditioners, and it takes professionals like our team to handle fixing them. As soon as you think you’ve got a heat pump in trouble, call us for heat pump repair help. We’ll move fast to have your comfort restored, no matter the season, and all our work is backed up with our satisfaction guarantee.

Heat Pump Replacement and Heat Pump Maintenance in Killeen, TX

A heat pump will eventually reach a point where repairs aren’t worth it anymore. Schedule a heat pump replacement with us, or just arrange for an appointment to see if your heat pump is ready to be replaced. 

Along with all the other services we offer for heat pumps, we have a heat pump maintenance plan that will help to delay the day you need to replace your HVAC system by many years. Ask about our Comfort Care Plan: it’s how Alltek Services ensures our customers have the finest comfort in Killeen, TX as well as the best savings.