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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area


Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Duct Testing and Sealing in Killeen, TX

Leaking ductwork is a problem that affects many residential buildings, and it often escapes the notice of the people in the home—until the damage has become extensive and expensive. Solving trouble with duct leakage requires the tools and expertise of HVAC professionals who can test the ducts to find the extent of the leaks and then seal them.

Alltek Services is the local team in Killeen, TX and the Greater Central Texas Area to trust for the duct testing and sealing your house may need. We guarantee all our work 100%—you can trust that when you put us on a job, the job will get done fast and correctly. We won’t take shortcuts when it comes to your comfort and energy savings. 

Schedule service with us for duct testing and duct sealing. We’re family-owned and treat you like family!

The Problems With Duct Leakage

You may find it easy to dismiss "a few leaks" in the ducts. But you shouldn’t. Even a few small gaps and holes in ductwork ruin the airtight seal of the ventilation system. Without that seal, the ventilation system cannot maintain air pressure along its length. When air pressure drops, it causes a decline in the airflow from the system, leading to a steep drop in comfort around the house. 

This isn’t the only problem. Loss of the air moving through the ductwork—which can be up to 30% with leaks—means the air conditioning and heating system must make up for that loss. You can end up paying a third more than you should for home comfort because that much air escapes to places like the attic and between the walls. The gaps can also allow dust and dirt into the ductwork and lead to damage to the AC and heater. Those "small" leaks add up to big costs. 

Scheduling Duct Testing Services

In order to schedule duct testing, you need to have some idea your house needs this service. We recommend having duct testing done as a routine precaution every five years or so, even if you don’t have other suspicions of breached ducts. You should arrange for testing when warning signs such as the following come up:

  • A steep rise in heating and cooling costs
  • Uneven heating and cooling around the house
  • Musty and moldy odors from the ductwork
  • Changes in humidity levels
  • Rattling sounds from the ductwork

Our technicians will use the best equipment to test the integrity of the ductwork and find out what work we need to do. 

Professional Duct Sealing in Killeen, TX

Sealing ducts isn’t something you can do yourself with a roll of duct tape—which is poorly named, as it doesn’t work on ducts. Duct sealing is a professional service, and our team uses only the best equipment to do it. We have mastic sealant and metallic tapes that secure the ducts and keep them airtight. When we do a job, we make sure it stays done! 

To schedule duct testing, duct sealing, or other HVAC work for your Killeen, TX home, call Alltek Services. We have a trustworthy team that will treat you like one of the family.